Flamenco Singing Class with Alfonso Cid

ZOOM online class

In his classes, Alfonso Cid, a professional flamenco singer, performer and teacher, will introduce students to cante flamenco (flamenco song), the passionate art form born in Andalusia from the crossbreeding of many cultures present in Spain all through out history.

Students will learn about the history of flamenco and its development. They will be able to distinguish the differences among the styles in this genre and will learn how to communicate with musicians using the traditional flamenco lingo. We will analyze and pull apart various traditional flamenco styles or palos.

We will also learn proper vocals technique, emphasizing diaphragmatic breathing and voice placement or “impostación", so we can achieve an authentic flamenco sound.

No previous flamenco experience is needed, nor any knowledge of the Spanish language, although it is helpful.

Google Drive documents will be shared to the students with the lyrics in both Spanish and English. Classes will be given in English.

$25 Per class $100 Five class package

To enroll send an email to: mogaburo@gmail.com