"La Caña" presented by Alfonso Cid

ZOOM online lecture organized by Heart.Dance.Space

History, Music & the Structure of La Caña with Alfonso Cid Zoon event on Feb 21st, 2021, 4:30-6:00 PM (EST)

Heart.Dance.Space welcomes our guest artist Alfonso Cid to present the "Music and Structure of La Caña". Don't miss this great opportunity to expand your Flamenco knowledge and enjoy an afternoon of Flamenco music with us.

"La Caña” is one of the oldest Flamenco styles, and possibly the origin of some styles of soleá with which it shares its “compás” or rhythm. In this lecture we will look into the historical context that gave birth to this Flamenco song, its development, musical and lyrical structure and how it became part of Flamenco dance repertoire.

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