Midwest Flamenco Festival 2021-Lectures by Alfonso Cid

45 Grados Flamencos

Flamenco, a Musical System Sep 18th at 3:30 PM CDT – 4:30 PM EST and Flamenco and the African Diaspora Sep 19th at 4:00 PM CDT - 5:00 PM EST

On these two dates I'll have the honor of offering two online lectures titled "Flamenco, a Musical System" and "Flamenco and the African Diaspora". I hope you can join us at those two events or at other of the different events this festival is offering. (Full program below).

Description of the lectures:

Flamenco, a Musical System

Flamenco music and dance are art forms that follow very strict musical rules and aesthetics. Once one knows those rules the limitations disappear, one can express and create to the point where even those very rules can be broken. In this lecture we will learn about rhythmic, harmonic, melodic patterns or motives and phrasing that will afford us a deeper understanding of this art form, and plant the seeds of creativity and improvisation.

Flamenco and the African Diaspora

For many generations the North of Africa has been a source of romantic inspiration for many Flamenco artists, travelers, poets and aficionados. The African roots of Flamenco go much deeper than that, or should I say, much further south than that and over to the Caribbean and the Americas. Spain’s role in the African slave trade from the 15th Century on is essential for understanding the evolution of Flamenco, Spanish, European and American music.


Time & Location Sep 17, 6:00 PM CDT – Sep 19, 4:00 PM CDT Liberty, Liberty, MO, USA

We have an exciting agenda planned for you this Festival! If travelling from out of town or you just want to stay close by in order not to miss out on the fun, let us know! We are organizing a place for everyone to stay with enough room to be comfortable and also to celebrate with a Paella dinner, Spanish wine and maybe a little dancing?!? Classes are available in person or online.

Be sure to pay before August 28th to get the Full Festival Discounted Prices which are listed, after August 28th only the Individual Class Pricing will be available.

Friday September 17th: Folks will be arriving from out of town and we will all gather together to enoy a Paella Dinner personally prepared by my husband, Sevillano Antonio Rojas. There will be Spanish wine and dancing! (This is available as part of the Total Festival Package).

Saturday Sept 18th: Class with La Choni 10:00-11:00 AM

(La Choni will be livestreaming with us from her studio in Sevilla, Spain. For those that attend in-person we will have her image projected on to the large white studio wall so that it will feel like she is there with us!) She will be teaching Caña and has offered video links to keep of the classes for an addtional $12 payable at the time of the workshop).

Support class with Melinda 11:00-12:00 PM

(I will review and clean what we learned from La Choni and make sure that we are ready to take advantage of our next class with her.)

Lunch break 12:00-1:30 PM

(For those that are in-person we will drive you to a restaurant with outdoor dining or to a grocery store close by where you can choose and buy your preferred meal. There is also the option to stay in the studio and eat.)

Class with Laura Onizuka 1:30-2:30

(Laura will be here with us in person from Portland, Oregon. Laura can often be found in Jerez, Spain and is a master at teaching the por fiesta palos. She will teach us Tangos por Fiesta. Online learners will be connected with in-person classes via ZOOM).

Lecture Class with Alfonso Cid "Flamenco, a Musical System" 3:30 CDT-4:30 PM EST

(Alfonso will ZOOM with us from his home in New York and will fill us with his knowledge and answer our questions.)

Dinner out on the town at Trago Bar and Tapas 7:00 PM

(This is available as part of the Total Festival Package)

Sunday Sept 19th: Class with La Choni 10:00-11:00 AM

Support class with Melinda 11:00-12:00 PM

Lunch break 12:00-1:30 PM

Class with Laura Onizuka 1:30-2:30

Lecture Class with Alfonso Cid "Flamenco and the African Diaspora" 4:00 PM CDT CDT-5:00 PM EST

We say good bye to all our new friends!

Total Festival $230, Festival Online $150, Individual Class $25